A bowl of dry-roasted chile peanuts.

Chile Peanuts

Forget plain old peanuts. This titillating take on spiced nuts adds paprika and chili powder without subtracting anything from their beer friendly quotient.

Three chocolate sesame balls in a colorful dish, with one broken open to show the melted chocolate inside.

Chocolate Sesame Balls

A sweet, gluten-free rice flour dough makes a snug casing for dark chocolate molded into a ball shape. The balls are coated in sesame seeds and then deep-fried.

Mango with lime and vanilla syrup and a vanilla bean in a white bowl

Mango with Lime and Vanilla Syrup

Savor this light dessert of mango, lime, and vanilla as is; whir it in a blender for a frosty treat; or start the morning by having it dressed with yogurt.