Saffron Pasta Salad with Tuna

Anyone who thinks Sicilian men don't cook should meet Giuseppe Scarlata, a native who likes to create dishes alla fantasia.

35 mins

Fettuccine with a Savory Veal Sauce

Supple strands of pasta luxuriate in an easy, elegant, knock-your-socks-off veal sauce that's gilded with butter and tomatoes. All in 30 minutes.

30 mins

Penne with Spinach-Ricotta Sauce

A sort of inside-out take on tortellini filled with spinach and ricotta, this quick weeknight pasta supper boasts a rich spinach and ricotta sauce.

30 mins

Spaghetti Carbonara

This spaghetti carbonara recipe tosses pasta with eggs, cheese, guanciale, pancetta or bacon, and pepper to form a creamy sauce. Quick and easy.

25 mins

Quick Cacio e Pepe

Dinner doesn't get any easier or more elegant than pasta tossed with butter, olive oil, Parmesan and pecorino Romano cheeses, and dusted with lots of black pepper.

35 mins