Watercress Soup

Watercress Soup

“What’s up?” you ask. We actually prefer “What’s sup?” as it more pointedly asks what lovely thing you’ve been supping as of late.

Two Champagne flutes filled with Campari fizz.

Campari Fizz

This Campari Fizz aperitif juxtaposes the herby, bitter taste of Campari with the sweetness of sparkling wine to stunning effect.

Six square caramels topped with sea salt sitting on a sheet of parchment.

Spiced Caramels

OGM. No, we don’t mean OMG. We mean OGM. As in, “Oh, garam masala.” That’s how incredible this sweet and earthy loveliness is.

A white platter with sliced celery and cucumber and a white bowl of feta dip on top.

Feta Dip

Looking for an excuse to invite folks over? Here it is. Less than 10 minutes from start to wipe-the-creamy-dip-from-your-lips finish.

Three glasses filled with rosé sangria, lime wheels, nectarine wedges, watermelon cubes, and raspberries.

Rosé Sangria

This swanky sangria relies on a pretty pink rosé and some seriously stunning summer fruits for its sassy and savvy look and taste.

Two sugar cones, one filled with a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet, the other with a scoop of hibiscus beet sorbet.

Hibiscus Beet Sorbet

Behind that tempting shade of red lurks an oh-so-swell-for-you ingredient whose virtues are masked by hibiscus’ floral lilt.

A small aperitif glass filled with classic Manhattan cocktail and a lemon twist garnish.

Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Rye whiskey, vermouth, Grand Marnier, and bitters all work the devil’s magic in this all-but-forgotten formula for a cocktail classic.

A glass of lemon cucumber cocktail with a sprig of mint, a lemon wheel, and a slice of cucumber.

Lemon Cucumber Cocktail

A gentle and genteel sipper, this libation draws on gin, cucumber, club soda, mint, and the lilt of lemon as a solution to lazy, languid summer nights.