Stone fruit slump in a pottery bowl with a red napkin.

Stone Fruit Slump

Equal parts bohemian and tradition, this stone fruit slump marries the best aspects of cobbler and cake to sweet, sweet effect.

Sport Pepper Sauce

Sport Pepper Sauce

A staple down South, these pickled peppers and the hot, hot, hot solution that bathes them have a kick that’s as fiesty as it appears.

Fruit and sour beer sorbet on a spoon

Fruity Beer Sorbet

What’s that? Fruity beers are for the girls? Hmmm. Does the same go for fruity beer sorbets?

Two sugar cones, one filled with a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet, the other with a scoop of hibiscus beet sorbet.

Hibiscus Beet Sorbet

Behind that tempting shade of red lurks an oh-so-swell-for-you ingredient whose virtues are masked by hibiscus’ floral lilt.

Cereal milk bottles line up in a cooler

Cereal Milk Ice Cream

A smooth, creamy, scintillatingly sweet ice cream that will take you straight back to Saturday morning cartoons and that bowl of cereal sitting beside you.

Singapore Carrot Cake

A carrot cake like no other, this savory yet sweet revelation is at once crisp yet tender, stealthily healthful yet shamelessly compelling.

Port-Paprika Chicken Bites

Port-Paprika Chicken Bites

This tipsy tapa of Portuguese descent is intended as just a single bite, though we found it impossible to stop at just one.

Melted chocolate in a white bowl with a wooden spoon

How to Melt Chocolate

Yes, we know, you already understand how to melt chocolate. Or think you do. Here, an extra technique or two. Just in case.