Images of four of the 18 Valentine's day breakfast in bed recipes -- baked bacon, cornmeal bacon waffles, chocolate crepes, and espresso cake.

18 Breakfast in Bed Recipes

The things we suspect your loved one would most like to be delivered to them before having to crawl out from under the covers come Valentine’s. Or drop this as a hint to your loved one.

Four of the 18 chocolate cake recipes -- red eye devil's food cake, basic chocolate cake, hershey's redux cake, and German chocolate cake.

12 Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

While many things say, “I love you,” few things do it quite like baking someone a chocolate cake. Here, an array of expressions for your most heartfelt emotions.

Images of four of the 9 sourdough bread recipes -- sourdough starter, sourdough pita, sourdough bread, and sourdough bagels.

10 Sourdough Bread Recipes

Because sourdough isn’t just a way to make bread. It’s a way of life. Well, sorta. Anyways, here are the best sourdough recipes you aren’t making yet, whether you’re a novice or an old pro.