Images of four of our best Christmas desserts -- Viennese crescents, gingerbread cheesecake, eggnog pie, and vanilla angel food cake.

11 Best Christmas Desserts

Because if you can’t indulge at the holidays, when can you? No matter what your holidays look like, these desserts will help bring a little festive flair.

Images of four biscuit recipes -- Southern buttermilk biscuits, Cheddar biscuits, easy cream biscuits, and Alabama muffin biscuits.

11 Biscuit Recipes

Butter. Drop. Buttermilk. 3-Ingredient. Whatever you swoon to in a biscuit, you’ll find it here. Buttery, flaky, and reassuringly comforting.

Images of four fried dough recipes -- churros, glazed doughnuts, apple fritters, and Indian milk fritters.

12 Fried Dough Recipes

Consider for a moment fried dough. There mere fact that it exists in just about every culture is, to us, proof of the universal need for it. Not want. NEED.

Four of our favorite pasta recipes, including pasta puttanesca, baked mac and cheese, lemony fettuccine alfredo, and baked spaghetti.

Our Favorite Pasta Recipes

Because some nights you simply want pasta. Whether plain and simple or a little more gussied up. Here, ways to satisfy any craving, including options that don’t require running to the store.

Images of four lasagna recipes -- lasagna bolognese with eggplant, three cheese vegetarian lasagna, pumpkin lasagna, and lasagna bolognese.

9 Lasagna Recipes

You asked. We answered. Behold, one-dish lasagna recipes for each and every situation, whether easy or traditional, beef or vegetarian, inexpensive or a little more lavish. The one commonality? Their satisfying superlativeness.

Four images of our Christmas dinner recipes -- roast duck, ham, standing rib roast, and roast lamb.

10 Christmas Dinner Recipes

An array of main attractions for Christmas dinner that lean heavily on tradition with a few surprises tossed in for good measure. Certain to inspire and intrigue.

Images of four sweet potato recipes -- roasted sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, sweet potato cottage pie, and sweet potato soup with coconut milk.

14 Sweet Potato Recipes

The most-searched recipes on our site lately can be found here. Yep. Sweet potatoes. Whether you like them healthy or indulgent, casserole or cake, straightforward or savvily disguised.