Images of four of 15 Portuguese recipes -- papo secos, cacoila, Portuguese pork with clams, and orange olive oil cake.

15 Portuguese Recipes

The Portuguese recipes our readers come back to time and again, over and over, with raves each time they do.

Images of four of the 14 slow cooker super bowl recipes -- slow cooker pulled pork, ribs, French dips, and chili

14 Slow Cooker Super Bowl Recipes

These slow cooker recipes that are eminently suitable for Super Bowl and are a cinch to make, which means that you get to settle in and enjoy both the game AND the food.

A grid of five weeknight winners, including carrot and chicken soup, curried chickpeas, beef and broccoli, blue cheese and walnut pasta, mapo tofu, and a Manny the Milkman logo.

5 Weeknight Winners Recipes

We get it. Like you, we need reliable recipes night after night that come together without a lot of fuss but with the guarantee of being foolproof as heck. These do the trick.

Images of four of the 6 one pot pasta recipes -- spaghetti with garlic and chile, pastina with milk, pasta soup, and 3 ingredient mac and cheese.

6 One Pot Pasta Recipes

When you don’t have it in you to juggle (or clean!) more than a single pot, turn to these simple yet satiating recipes.

Images of four of the 21 grilled cheese recipes -- pulled pork grilled cheese, turkey reuben patty melt, waffle iron grilled cheese, and grilled cheese croutons

21 Grilled Cheeses & Melts

Know how to win friends and influence people? These grilled cheese recipes. Our favorite renditions, old and new, of the comforting classic.

Four of 10 baked pasta recipes -- cacio e pepe kugel, baked mac and cheese, lasagna Bolognese, and baked pasta with tomatoes and eggplant.

10 Baked Pasta Recipes

Because sometimes you just need the sort of comfort that comes from something warm and hearty and sustaining in a soul-restorting sorta way.

Images of four of the 15 chile pepper recipes -- blistered shishito peppers, green chile macaroni and cheese, Thai beef salad, and pulled pork tacos.

14 Chile Pepper Recipes

Like it hot? Baby, we got what you need, whether that’s something steam-coming-out-of-your-ears hot like in the cartoons of yore or just a little modicum of interest. Look no further.

Images of four of the 14 stealthy healthy recipes -- feta dip, pozole verde, skillet eggs with chorizo, and avocado pudding.

14 Stealthy Healthy Recipes

Stealthy healthy? It’s what we call stuff that’s healthy yet doesn’t seem lacking or ascetic in any way. It’s the sorta healthy that we could—and do—eat each day.

Images of four of the 7 fermentation recipes -- Greek yogurt, sourdough bread, kimchi, and hot sauce.

8 Fermented Foods Recipes

Tangy. Salty. Even sometimes spicy. And thanks to the fermentation process, these foods just so happen to also be good for you. Consider this your starter kit for fermenting foods at home.