Recipes from A Country Cook’s Kitchen

A Country Cook's Kitchen

This book covers all aspects of the country kitchen, from the simple pleasures of making hearty breads and fresh farmhouse-style cheeses to preserving the harvest’s bounty of fruit and vegetables for year-round enjoyment and the arts of curing, smoking, and salting meats.

The techniques collected here have stood the test of time. Additional chapters cover seasonal ingredients, foraging for wild food, and collecting and using vintage “kitchenalia.” There is also a comprehensive section explaining basic skills as well as a chapter on ingredients. Stunning color photography showcases recipes and techniques to full effect. Locavores and foodies who have revived popular interest in local, traditional, and heirloom foods will be sure to want to have this volume in their collection.

A plastic container filled with vanilla bean ice cream with a metal ice cream scoop resting in it.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Sometimes it’s nice to just let your spoon sink into something that tastes pure as the driven snow. Indulgently rich, sigh-inducingly creamy, vanilla-enhanced snow.