Recipes from Artisanal Cooking

Artisanal Cooking

In this long-awaited cookbook, Brennan shares his approach to what he calls “artisanal cooking,” reflecting a devotion to detail and reverence for the freshest ingredients, simple presentations, and an inspired blend of tradition and creativity, all of which leads to memorable meals at home.

Artisanal Cooking features 150 tantalizing recipes ranging from hors d’oeuvres and entrees to desserts. A cheese connoisseur, Brennan describes more than 30 of his favorites and suggests wines to pair with them. The cookbook is also a visual feast, with 75 lush color photographs by renowned food photographer Christopher Hirsheimer. Throughout, there are valuable tips that cooks can use to adapt Brennan’s recipes or improve their own cooking.

A copper pot filled with creamed spinach.

Creamed Spinach

With its blend of mascarpone and Parmesan, this roux-less—and fuss-less—creamed spinach isn’t what you grew up with at your grandma’s table. And no one’s complaining about that.