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Biscuit Bliss Cookbook

A good biscuit, fresh from the oven and slathered with creamy butter, is simple, down home, and soul warming. James Villas has baked countless biscuits himself and sampled others from all over the country, and in Biscuit Bliss he shares the very best. No bread is simpler, quicker, and more fun to make: in the time it takes you to wrestle with a cardboard container from the store, you can easily turn out a batch of wholesome, homemade, steaming hot biscuits.

A spiced peach shortcake on a white plate with spiced peaches layered between two biscuit halves and topped with whipped cream.

Spiced Peach Shortcakes

Ethereally airy biscuits. Sweetly spiced stone fruits. This riff on classic shortcake swaps strawberries for the unexpected to really quite surprising and clamor-for-more effect.

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A red bowl filled with triangle-shaped Yankee bacon and onion scones.

Yankee Bacon and Onion Scones

Filled with bacon and onion, these savory New England scones are usually served with soups, stews, and roasted meats, but they make a great breakfast too.

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