Recipes from Biscuiteers Book of Iced Cookies

Biscuiteers Book of Iced Cookies Cookbook

Harriet Hastings loves cookies. In fact she was a bit obsessed with sending tins of delicious home-baked cookies, lovingly iced for any occasion, and created Biscuiteers, an award-winning food website. This lovely book contains everything you need to create your own decorated cookies to wow your friends and delight your kid: utterly delicious treats that taste as fabulous as they look; ideas for every occasion from birthdays and weddings to children’s parties and holidays; recipes for basic cookie doughs such as vanilla, lemon, chocolate, a nd ginger; different types of icing and coloring, piping instructions, and templates.

A Christmas tree made of decorated cookies

Christmas Tree of Cookies

Holiday diet tactic #142: This stunning cookie tree. Because it sorta makes it harder to demolish a half batch of cookies when doing so would demolish the Christmas tree.

Royal icing being piped onto a cookie by a young girl being helped by her mother, surrounded by jars of sprinkles, cookie cutters, and wooden spoons.

Royal Icing

Whether your knack for cookie-decorating leans toward fancy schmancy or basic buttons on gingerbread people, you need a foolproof royal icing. Look no more.

A selection of frosted cookies decorated for Hanukkah, on a parchment-lined cookie sheet

Hanukkah Cookies

These spectacularly decorated cookie creations can be yours with your favorite roll-out cookie recipe, our royal icing, and our handy how-tos. Swear it’s so much simpler than it looks.