Recipes from Bought, Borrowed & Stolen

Bought, Borrowed and Stolen

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the most important things to any chef are their salt, knives and ingredients. Bought, Borrowed & Stolen brings them together, as they should be, for the first time.

Allegra McEvedy’s unique outlook brings together food, history and culture in one sumptuous volume. From all around the world, she relays stories from her past: recipes shared, experiences gained and techniques learned.

An authentic glimpse into food and cultures from all around the world. Each chapter starts with a general introduction to the place, from China to Malawi and America to Brazil, continuing with an intricate knife detail page and several recipes from the country.

Six iced tea popsicles on a silver platter.

Iced Tea Popsicles

Cold-brewed iced tea as you’ve never quite experienced it before. So lovely we’ve taken to making them year-round.