Recipes from Cast-Iron Cooking for Two

In Cast‑Iron Cooking for Two, Joanna Pruess celebrates the enduring appeal of cast‑iron cooking and the countless twosomes who love sharing home‑cooked food. Her 75 easy and flavorful recipes feature versatile cast‑iron skillets that are the right size for people cooking for two (or three), whether they be empty nesters, college students, or just anyone who is not feeding a group.

You’ll find plenty of dishes that are perfect for any occasion when it’s just the two of youؙ—or maybe even a few of you! Date night, Sunday morning with a couple of kids, or a casual drop-in dinner for a close

A silver spoon resting in a drizzle of basil oil on a white surface.

Basil Oil

How to put the rest of that bunch of basil languishing in your fridge to lovely use for drizzling, dipping, and dunking.