Recipes from Chez Jacques

Chez Jacques by Jacques Pepin

The book’s 100 recipes for soups and appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts are Pépin’s own favorites among the thousands he has created over a lifetime of cooking. Using readily available ingredients and relying upon familiar techniques, these are the dishes he makes when preparing food at his Connecticut home. But Chez Jacques is more than a collection of well-liked recipes; it’s also a captivating sentimental journey. Each dish is introduced by a recollection of picking dandelion greens for a spring salad, of buying fresh eggs from the local farmer that invites readers to share in the traditions and rituals of Pépin’s most intimate circle.

A baking tray with three slices of fromage fort.

Fromage Fort by Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pepin’s family recipe for cheese is a frugal approach to using scraps of cheese that’s a very traditional French thing. A delicious, boozy, cheesy, French thing.