Recipes from China Modern

China Modern by Ching-He Huang

China Modern celebrates the arrival of delicious, modern Chinese cuisine and Ching-He Huang is the person to present it. Young, beautiful, and vibrant, Ching brings style and ease to this exciting , ever-changing cuisine. She looks at new influences from across the world as well as addressing how classic dishes that are common take-out favorites should really be cooked. From Peking Duck Sushi to Steamed Seabass with Stir-fried Spring Onions and Chilies , there is an exotic array of tantalizing dishes to choose from.

Three chocolate sesame balls in a colorful dish, with one broken open to show the melted chocolate inside.

Chocolate Sesame Balls

A sweet, gluten-free rice flour dough makes a snug casing for dark chocolate molded into a ball shape. The balls are coated in sesame seeds and then deep-fried.