Recipes from Cocktails with Bompas & Parr

Cocktails with Bompas & Parr

Already featured in the New York Times and on the Martha Stewart Show for giving jelly a 21st-century makeover, the boys at Bompas & Parr now focus their attention on the perennially popular cocktail—but of course with an extra-special twist. Sam and Harry take readers on a roller coaster journey through the wonderful world of fizzes, smashes, juleps, shrubs, and fixes. Classics, new kids on the block, and crazy concoctions are all to be expected, but the boys also provide advice on the all-important presentation, the ingredients, getting the ice just right, and of course how to host a show-stopping event. Veterans of successful alcoholic adventures such as Alcoholic Architecture (a walk-in cloud of breathable gin and tonic) and the Architectural Punchbowl (a Robert Adam building flooded with four tons of Courvoisier Punch—enough for 25,000 people), Bompas and Parr are perfectly placed to teach readers how to create a cocktail night to remember. The book includes historical facts surrounding cocktails, the universal cocktail principle, bar snacks, and advice on basic equipment.