Recipes from Cook: In a Class of Your Own

Cook in a Class of Your Own

Richard Bertinet takes us on a journey through 50 recipes, starting with a selection of little dishes to serve for a casual lunch, through to soups and all its seasonal variations, to salads, fish dishes, meat dishes and finally some delicious, desserts. You will learn all sorts of tips ― such as how to tell if a lime is juicy ― as well as essential techniques like how to make the best omelette. Richard’s relaxed attitude helps you achieve the ultimate goal ― to feel more confident in the kitchen. Includes 110-minute dvd.

A white bowl filled with risotto and topped with a sprig of thyme and some lemon zest

Lemon and Thyme Risotto

A lilt of lemon and hints of thyme dance throughout this simple risotto. The best they’ve ever tasted.

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