Recipes from Essentials of Roasting

Essentials of Roasting

Six chapters, with more than 120 traditional and innovative recipes, offer a broad range of irresistible ideas for roasting seafood, poultry, meats, vegetables, and fruits; for preparing centerpiece dishes for special-occasion dinners; and even for roasting foods using an outdoor grill. The recipes, each handsomely photographed, balance everyday fare, such as roast chicken and pork tenderloin, with special celebratory preparations, including Christmas goose and standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding.

A perfectly roasted beef tenderloin with Madeira sauce on the side ion a copper pot

Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Sauce

This no-fuss recipe doesn’t ambush you with any trickery. It just delivers you a supple, perfectly cooked roast beef tenderloin napped with a slightly boozy but goof-proof sauce.

A trussed classic roast chicken on a rack, set inside a skillet.

Classic Roast Chicken

Succulent. Crisp-skinned. Simple. If that’s what you seek in a roast hen, your search stops with this ooh- and aah-inducing technique.