Recipes from Feasts of Veg

Feasts of Veg Cookbook

This joyful book focuses on delicious festive vegetable dishes that are easy to make. The recipes are driven by modern plant-based cooking inspired by kitchens from around the world: with Mediterranean, Asian, Northern European, and Middle Eastern flavors.

Chapters include Soups & Breads, Cold Buffet (including canapes, celebration salads, and picnic food), Warm Buffet, Fire Food (including skewers, pizzas, and slow-roasts), Sharing Plates, Sweet Endings, and the Bar (botanical alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails). This is food for relaxed parties with a pick-and-choose attitude, but there are also stand-out dishes to feed the whole gang and more elegant plates for dinner parties. Nina Olsson makes vegetarian cooking fun and sociable – the recipes, in themselves, are worth celebrating!

An eggplant kebab on a tortilla with fresh spinach, garlic sauce, and cabbage.

Eggplant Kebabs

A healthy, veggie-packed dinner that’s most magnificent during the height of summer. No turning on the stove required.

Four handmade bowls of green-speckled creamy broccoli soup with feta

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Made with potatoes, broccoli, and vegetable stock, this is rich, velvety, and comforting as heck. And nary a drop of cream although you’d never guess that by tasting it. A light drizzle of tangy feta yogurt sauce makes it something sorta special.