Recipes from Foil Pack Dinners

Stop doing the dishes and grill (or bake) every night of the week instead with these 100 quick and easy foil pack recipes for complete, delicious meals the whole family will love.

Foil Pack Dinners offers a variety of meals with less than an hour of cooking time, making weeknight dinners a breeze! From Chicken Cordon Bleu and pepperoni pizza bread to smoky brisket and lime shrimp scampi, as well as vegetarian options like black bean enchiladas and stuffed squash, this book includes something tasty that everyone will enjoy!

A loaf of Italian bread filled with buffalo chicken dip, with a dish of blue cheese dip and a few beers on the side.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sorta a mashup of buffalo chicken wings and cheese dip, this little number works gratifyingly well as an app, though we find it rather difficult to save space for anything else.