Recipes from French Food for Everyone

French Food for Everyone

French Food for Everyone is a follow-up to the best-selling In the French Kitchen with Kids and was inspired by the students in Mardi’s online cooking classes in 2020 and 2021 when cooking classes pivoted to online platforms. Mardi’s first book proved that French food is much simpler to make than many people believe (so easy even kids can make “fancy” French dishes!), and over the course of a year’s worth of online classes, she noticed that it was not just kids but families enjoying great success with her recipes. After a few months, one of her students remarked on the “recipe book” they had created from the online class recipes and Mardi realized she had enough recipes for a whole new cookbook – French Food for Everyone was born! The book will be released a chapter at a time to enable people to get baking and cooking sooner!

Sablés Breton with crosshatched tops, in two rows, on a crinkled sheet of parchment paper.

Sablés Breton

This seemingly simple little biscuit from France will wow you with its flaky, buttery perfection. Fantastique!