Recipes from Fresh from the Farm

Fresh from the Farm Cookbook

With farmstands, markets, vineyards, and signature recipes, this is the ultimate food-lover’s guide to the sumptuous natural bounty available in and around the world’s greatest city. As the interest in local foods and the trend of culinary tourism continue to grow, Fresh from the Farm takes gourmets and hungry travelers on an idyllic tour of the Empire State. Trekking from the apple orchards and dairy farms of the Hudson Valley to the vineyards and oyster bays of Long Island, the authors explore the breadth of New York state’s homegrown and homemade food renaissance.

A waxed paper bag filled with caramel popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

A baseball classic. Although our take on classic caramel corn is somewhat more delicate and buttery than the stale sort found at the ball park–and won’t last longer than an inning.