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Great Tastes Cookbook

Founders of popular website The New Potato mix food with lifestyle in this trendy, healthy cookbook: funny anecdotes, celebrity run-ins, and a healthy serving of fashion. Sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann have always loved cooking and eating out. But for them, it was never just about the food. Now, their debut cookbook brings together those antics and anecdotes with 85 original recipes that anyone can make, as long as they’re hungry and have a kitchen. Lime-Blueberry Pancakes? Stack ’em. Sweet Pea Carbonara? Give it a twirl. Then finish the night off with a Bourbon Chai. Pull up a chair, have a bite, and get ready for some great stories on the side.

Two white plate of farro salad with radicchio and almonds, bowl of lemons, napkin

Farro Salad with Radicchio and Almonds

Eating healthy can get tiresome if you’re not careful. Fortunately you have this stunner of a summer salad to yank you out of your food rut.

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