Recipes from Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter

Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter’s most approachable cookbook, HOME COOKING WITH CHARLIE TROTTER is designed for casual home cooks who appreciate top-quality cuisine. Trotter begins by discussing classic methods of preparing food, from braising to grilling to sautéing. He then presents a variety of uptown traditional–as well as an assortment of exotic–starters, entrées, and desserts that have been streamlined with an eye for readily available ingredients and straight-forward techniques, while still bearing the master chef’s signature style.Reviews

A fillet of olive oil poached cod atop tomato and broccoli rave in a white plate

Olive Oil-Poached Cod

The cod, once poached in olive oil, is supple and utterly delicious. It sits on a bed of roasted tomatoes and broccoli rabe, which adds acid to the dish.

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