Recipes from Italian Home Cooking

Italian Home Cooking

This book is an homage to traditional and classic Italian home cooking, and to the kitchens of the Italian people who have developed Italian cooking through the centuries and across oceans to new worlds. In America, we call it comfort food. The Italians call it cucina casalinga, home cuisine. In Italy, comfort food is a highly evolved art form, and this book includes recipes from the author’s own family of devoted cooks-from appetizers and soups, to salads and meats, from pastas to desserts and even food for children.

Skillet with four seared pork sausages with roasted grapes on a baking sheet nearby.

Pork Sausages with Roasted Grapes

A traditionally Umbrian dish in which pork sausages and plump grapes are coaxed to tender goodness and jammy sweetness. You’re welcome.

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A square of polenta with layers of meat sauce on a plate with a fork, two glasses of wine

Polenta Cake with Meat Sauce

In this inspired Italian creation, traditional lasagna noodles are supplanted by polenta. Trust us, you’ll feel no guilt nor regret over forsaking custom.

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Pot filled with pastina with butter and milk and a wooden spoon all on a towel

Pastina with Butter and Milk

We’ve got stars in our eyes…and our bowls…and our spoons…all thanks to pastina, the teensy star-shaped pasta. It just may be the cutest supper in the solar system.

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Basic Polenta

Basic Polenta

This basic polenta recipe is the perfect base for so many Italian dishes. Add cheese, top it with sauce or meat, cut it into squares and fry it. Shall we go on?

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