Recipes from Jewish Cooking in America

Jewish Cooking in America

Every dish in Jewish Cooking in america has a story–from the cholents (the long-cooked rich meat stews) and kugels (vegetable and noodle puddings) prepared in advance for the Sabbath, to the potato latkes (served with maple syrup in Vermont and goat cheese in California) and gefilte fish (made with white fish in the Midwest, salmon in the Northwest, haddock in New England, and shad in Maryland). Joan Nathan tells us how lox and bagels and Lindy’s cheesecake became household words, and how American products like Crisco, cream cheese, and Jell-O changed forever Jewish home cooking.

Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel

There are many ways to top noodle kugel. Cornflakes, cinnamon sugar, and graham crackers are common choices. This recipe goes way beyond commonplace.

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