Recipes from Kevin's Kitchen

Kevin's Kitchen Cookbook

Kevin Lee Jacobs, the creator of the popular food and lifestyle blog “A Garden for the House,” has now created his first cookbook, Kevin’s Kitchen. In the humorous, conversational voice that attracts millions of visitors to his blog, Kevin shows us how he takes simple, easily-found ingredients, and transforms them into mouthwatering masterpieces. Nearly all of his recipes (Creamy Gratin of Hard-Cooked Eggs, Thyme and Wine Beef Stew, and etc.) can be made in advance–a real bonus for busy cooks. Grow your own vegetables? You’ll want to make Kevin’s Roasted Radish Crostini, Bell Pepper Soup, Quinoa Stuffing with Leeks and Sage, and other garden-inspired recipes included in the book.

A molasses spice cookie on the saucer of a cup of tea, more cookies in a pile and on a wire rack.

Molasses Spice Cookies

Not your ordinary molasses spice cookies, these owe their nice hit of savory to a hit of black pepper. Once you’ve tried these, you may never go back.

A casserole dish of hominy au gratin--hominy in a cheese sauce--plus a spoon filled with the cheesy hominy

Hominy au Gratin

A comfort food phenom that’s as cheesy and satisfying as macaroni and cheese…minus the macaroni.