Recipes from More Veg, Less Meat

More Veg Less Meat Cookbook

In More Veg Less Meat Rachel shows how to make the most of meat by buying good quality produce and eating it sparingly, but also how to the most of every bit of meat. This could mean spinning out a roast to last the week, or using lesser known cuts in imaginative ways.

With 150 delicious recipes, such as Beef Miso Ginger Soup, Mayan Gold Chilli, and Lamb Burger with Roast Aubergine and Pistachio Mayonnaise, even the most hardened carnivore can be convinced that eating less meat is a good thing. With quick and easy ideas for seasonal vegetable dishes, as well as each recipe meeting recommended protein needs, you’ll be eating a better balance of meat, fruit and veg in no time.

A white plate topped with linguine and mussels in a red dress

Mussels in a Red Dress

Mussels take a twirl through a classic red pasta sauce and linguine. Most certainly able to inspire laughter, scintillating conversation, perhaps even a twirl on the dance floor afterwards.