Recipes from Salads: Savory, Sweet, and Green Recipes from over 125 Great Chefs

Salads Cookbook

Salads are not an appetizer in this book, but the star of the meal. These salads are dressed for any occasion. World-renowned chefs have reinvented your usual house salad into exciting flavor packed dishes. A little outside-the-box thinking with a dash of culinary expertise, the possibilities are limitless for imaginative and delicious salads. Using the freshest ingredients, your creations will impress any dinner guest. You will be sure to find a salad suitable for any time of the year. The latest and greatest of the food photography collection, Battman has help turned the classic salad into something to talk about. The beautiful photography brings the chef artistry from the restaurants to our kitchens. These salads are creative, sophisticated and classy.

A single croque frisée on a white background with a little puddle of runny yolk.

Croque Frisée

You may be stunned at just how easy this sorta elegance can be to pull off in your own kitchen.