Recipes from Salty Sweets

Salty Sweets by Christie Matheson

Christie Matheson offers 75 delectable ways to enjoy this tasty twosome, proving along the way that salty sweets are not the sole province of fancy chefs and trendy chocolatiers. “Salty sweets don’t have to be complicated to taste good,” she writes, and the scrumptious but simple recipes bear her out. Seven recipe chapters cover every sort of treat, from little bites to cookies, bars, cakes, puddings, fruit desserts, and even ice creams.

Five toffee cookies with dark chocolate glaze on a cake stand.

Toffee Cookies with Dark Chocolate Glaze

These toffee cookies are sorta like shortbread but richer, thanks to the inclusion of brown sugar. Plus, they’re gilded with dark chocolate, pecans, and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.

Kettle Corn

Old-Fashioned Kettle Corn

Kin to caramel corn, this kettle popcorn made with a touch of sugar is much more subtle in its salty sweet allure. Try to stop at just one handful.