Recipes from Slushed!

Slushed! Cookbook

In the sweltering summer heat, you need a quick way to cool down and keep the party going. In this refreshingly spirited volume, you’ll find a frosty collection of more than 150 booze-infused frozen desserts. With full-color photos and unique party tips, Slushed! guarantees you’ll have an intoxicatingly cool summer!

Slushed! comes to you from the kitchen of nationally acclaimed blogger Jessie Cross of The Hungry Mouse ( It also includes good, basic instructions for making ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt–and has a primer for equipment and ingredients.

A frozen gin fizz in a martini glass with an orange stir stick and a little piece of lemon on the rim.

Frozen Gin Fizz

We know, we know. Blender drinks are for sissies–or so you may think. If that’s the case, take a sip of this stiff riff on the gin and tonic. Then get back to us.

A small orange bowl filled with whiskey and fig gelato

Whiskey and Fig Gelato

This unexpected yet enticing melding of sweet and smoky makes for a sassy summer dessert you’ll be craving year round.