Recipes from The Best Barbecue on Earth

The Best Barbecue on Earth by Rick Browne

Barbecue goes global as pit master Rick Browne travels to 26 locations, tasting, cooking, photographing, and adapting some of the world’s best outdoor-cooking recipes for American grills and kitchens. Rick gorges on asado in Argentina; tosses Orange-Ginger Prawns on the barbie in Australia; experiences the epic South African feast known as braai; and grills just-caught sardines in Portugal. Lively introductions to each country’s unique barbecuing culture accompany a selection of the most mouthwatering and authentic yet approachable recipes Rick found there. Evocative location and styled food photographs will have readers planning a grilling party with a Korean (or German, or Mexican) theme in no time. A bountifully photographed collection of 175 of the world’s best recipes for barbecued and grilled entrees and starters, along with complementary sides and desserts. The first collection of genuinely international barbecue recipes on the market.

A cooked brown-bag apple pie inside a torn paper bag

Brown-Bag Apple Pie

This pie, baked in a paper bag in the grill, is filled with apples and topped with brown sugar streusel. Impress guests by ripping open the bag at the table.