Recipes from The Food of Spain and Portugal

The Food of Spain and Portugal by Elisabeth Luard

A unique and inspirational cookery book that covers both Spain and Portugal and their huge variety of flavors, tastes and styles of cooking. Using ingredients such as fresh-water fish, mountain thyme, luscious cheeses and olives, an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, cured and fresh meats, these recipes embrace the virtues of a lifestyle that takes account of what nature has to offer. Elisabeth Luard is an expert guide, taking you through 21 regions and introducing over 200 recipes, from the saffron-rice dishes of Valencia and the noodle paellas of Catalonia to the spice cakes of Tras-Os-Montes and the elegant blancmanges of Coimbra.

A chuck broa, or Portuguese corn bread, on a wooden table with wine nearby

Broa ~ Portuguese Corn Bread

Broa, or Portuguese cornbread, has a distinctive whitish crust, which cracks to reveal a golden-brown crumb. This is a toothsome, hearty bread.

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Two Portuguese swordfish kabobs with garlic, olive oil, and piri-piri peppers on a black plate

Portuguese Swordfish Kabobs

A Portuguese staple from the island of Madeira, swordfish marinated is a spiky oil of pepper, garlic, and oregano, are threaded on skewers and then grilled.

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