Recipes from The Modern Vegetarian

The Modern Vegetarian

Vegetables are the heroes of this beautiful cookbook, from Chile-roasted Feta and Watermelon to Artichoke and Goat Cheese Ravioli, Maria Elia’s recipes combine her grasp of world flavors with her ingenuity in the kitchen. The seasonality of ingredients is key to her dishes, making them not only taste better but more nutritious. If a fruit or vegetable is out of season she shows how easy it is to adapt and improvise. Dishes such as Roquefort and Fig Crème Brulee can just as easily be made with grapes or sautéed leeks, while Mushroom, Beet, Mozzarella with a Lentil Cartouch also works well with asparagus or as a salad.

Sage brown butter with a crispy sage leaf in a small glass.

Sage Brown Butter

If you’ve yet to heat butter ’till it turns nutty brown then dribble it over any and every thing, you’ve yet to live. Here, let us show you how.