Recipes from The New Way to Cook Light

The New Way to Cook Light

**James Beard Award Winner 2013** The New Way to Cook Light is the signature cookbook from Cooking Light, America’s number one food magazine. This rich, visual book is a celebration of food, delivering inspiration and approachable recipes, all of which are rooted in smart cooking methods that extract maximum flavor from every food you enjoy. That includes butter and cream and chocolate and bacon, but also smoked paprika and Meyer lemons and olive oil and fresh, sweet corn. The “new way to cook light” is about getting more-more pleasure, more flavor, more satisfaction in knowing that you are cooking food that is uncompromising in taste and in promoting good health. The New Way to Cook Light contains more than 400 recipes that exemplify this new way to cook light. Readers will also find Cooking Light magazine’s 10 Essentials of Healthy Eating, which have been honed to perfection through 25 years of extensive research and exhaustive kitchen testing, and more than 200 full-color photographs throughout. In addition, textboxes and sidebars within the chapters focus on classic Cooking Light elements such as go-to ingredients, expert cooking techniques, and trusted nutrition information.