Recipes from The Scandinavian Kitchen

The Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavians are eager foragers, picklers, and bakers, and their traditions coexist with new ways of cooking, creating fresher, lighter, more seasonal, and local food. Camilla Plum, co-owner of an organic farm outside of Copenhagen, shares Scandinavian tastes, broken down by group of ingredient, easy to recreate in your own kitchen. Scandinavian cooking achieves a delicate balance between extravagance and the humble, producing a wealth of seasonal daily food, and more luxurious festive food. The flavors are fresh and intense, but not overwhelming, resulting in food prepared simply, but effectively, to allow every ingredient to shine.

a sheet of raw black pepper cookie dough with shapes--men, stars reindeer, hearts--cut into it

Black Pepper Cookies

It’s no surprise that a traditional Scandinavian cookie would be warming. Chalk it up to an inspired melding of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and cocoa.

Seven greens salad sitting in a large colander, garnished with edible flowers

Seven Greens Salad

Fresh from the farmers market, spring greens boast a flavor the likes of which you just can’t find shrink-wrapped in plastic.