Recipes from The Weeknight Cook

The Weeknight Cook

This outstanding collection of over 300 easy-to-prepare recipes makes an offer that no busy cook can refuse: create mouth-watering dishes using fresh, healthy ingredients while spending less time in the kitchen. Quick and easy recipes that are both healthy and inspirational, each one depicted in a stunning four-color photograph, give this cookbook universal appeal. Overflowing with tips for cooking smarter, this book shows you how to plan your weekly meals and menus, turn one recipe into three completely different meals, and pack your dishes with flavor using only a handful of ingredients.

A light blue plate with a serving of rigatoni pasta covered with beef ragu, garnished with green herbs.

Pasta with Beef Ragu

If you love pasta, then nothing beats a rich and flavorful beef ragu that tastes like it took all day to make. Even better? When it comes together in 2 hours.