Recipes from Umami Bomb

Umami Bomb Cookbook

Ingeniously built around the use of eight umami-rich ingredients—aged cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, soy sauce, miso, caramelized onions, smoke, and nutritional yeast—these 75 recipes are bursting with the sublime, savory fifth taste.

A hand dipping fries into a splatter of bomb hot sauce with a pile of fries scattered beside the sauce.

Bomb Hot Sauce

Our go-to condiment for dipping sweet potato fries, slathering on chicken before roasting, dribbling on eggs, and dousing just about anything that needs some shazam!

A single eggplant meatball on a fork with spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Eggplant Meatballs

A crisp crust, a tender interior, and an impossibly enticing taste. Smothered in marinara or dolloped with tzatziki, these eggplant meatballs won’t disappoint.