Recipes from Who Put the Beef in Wellington?

Who Put the Beef in Wellington Cookbook

Ever wondered why some of our dishes have the names they do? Where does Caesar Salad comes from? Who was Benedict and what’s he got to do with combining poached eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce? In this fascinating journey into culinary history James Winter provides the answers to these questions and explores the origins of classic dishes from around the world. Who came up with them? When and what inspired chefs to combine certain ingredients? And why have they endured to become classics that we turn to again and again?

With a total of 50 famous recipes, including 10 iconic cocktails, James covers some of the most well-known salads, suppers, and desserts from restaurants around the world. Including the quintessential version of each recipe plus hints and tips from top chefs, this book will inform and inspire in equal measure.

A Cosmopolitan cocktail in a martini glass with a twist of orange peel floating in it.


If ever a drink symbolized an era, the bright pink, citric Cosmopolitan SCREAMS the 1990s and then into the present.

Three champagne flutes filled with classic bellini on a napkin.


Sadly, there are only a very spare number of weeks each summer when we’re privy to white peaches. Here’s what to do with them while you can.