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Watermelon with Fleur de Sel

Three slices of watermelon with fleur de sel sprinkled over top.
This watermelon with fleur de sel is the easiest summer dessert I've ever made. Simply sprinkle watermelon slices with coarse salt and devour.
Peter Berley

Prep 5 mins
Total 5 mins
4 servings
86 kcal


  • 1 chilled watermelon* seedless or not, any color
  • Pinch coarse fleur de sel


  • Slice a portion of the watermelon, rind and all, into 4 slices or wedges. Set the rest of it aside. (You'll probably be back for more in a second.)
  • Sprinkle each wedge with a scant pinch of the fleur de sel.
  • Serve immediately. Go back for seconds.


*What happens when you put salt on watermelon?

It makes it taste great, of course. But why? What else is going on there? The addition of salt changes the texture of the fruit by drawing some of that water to the surface, making it seem even juicier. It also makes the fruit taste sweeter by shifting the flavor profile a little. Adding salt makes you realize just how sweet the watermelon is by comparison. Watermelon, on its own, has a very low sodium content and we all know that salt is one of the best flavor enhancers out there. Just a little sprinkle, especially of the good stuff, will amp up even the most lacklustre fruit.