Amazonia 5 Piece Place Setting


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Inspired by the book “Viagens Philosophicas” (philosophical voyages) by the naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira, as well as by the fauna, flora and people of today’s Amazōnia, this collection, which was developed in partnership with Ecoarts Amazōnia, gathers all of the group’s brands for the first time, namely Vista Alegre, Casa Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro. Featuring over 70 porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, glass and crystal pieces, part of the revenue from the collection will be channeled back into the reforestation of the Amazon’s Mato Grosso area through the planting of native fruit trees, which will help preserve an environmental, cultural, social and scientific heritage that is crucial to the future of humankind. Award winning collection with a European Product Design Award – Silver Prize Winner.

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Want to set the perfect table?  Pair these plates with colorful Vista Alegre Bicos Goblets. –Beth Price, Director of e-Commerce

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