Avocado Keeper


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Long live avocado toast!

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Say goodbye to those poor uneaten avocado halves. This Avocado Keeper keeps your avocados fresh by reducing air exposure and slowing the oxidation process which can lead to browning.

The perfect tool for your that avocado lover in your life.

Keep that halved avocado fresh and ready for that next round of Easy Guacamole or creamy Avocado Sorbet. Or are you craving a big bowl of vegan Pasta with Avocado Sauce instead? All equally crave-worthy options.

A person mashing avocado into a bowl of easy guacamole on a table with salt, avocado, cilantro, lime, and chiles.

A bowl of pasta with avocado sauce, toasted flaked almonds and a handful of arugula on top.

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