Ballarini Mini Dutch Oven


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A personal dutch oven.

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The best things come in small packages. The Servin Tavola collection from Ballarini offers miniature versions of high-quality cookware found in professional kitchens across Italy and now available to home cooks. They’re great for cooking, oven-to-table presentation or decoration. That’s right—you can actually cook in this mini Dutch oven! The 3.5mm-thick cold-forged aluminum bodies feature beautiful brushed exteriors and brass handles. Perfect for serving small dishes, appetizers, candy or nuts, or as conversation-starting display pieces for the cooking enthusiast.

Searching for recipe ideas for your adorable new mini Dutch ovens?

We think they are just perfect for a piping hot bowl of Butternut Squash Soup or even a personal Mashed Potato Gratin.

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