Bamix Deluxe Immersion Hand Blender


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There’s no job too small for this immersion blender.

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Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this hand blender will get any cooking job done. Swiss-made, the blender includes 4 interchangeable blades and a wall bracket for easy storage. With an aerating, blending, slicing, and chopping blade, you get the multifunctionality of multiple kitchen appliances all in one. Create a perfect vortex to draw food into blades for efficient mixing then run under water for easy cleaning. A powerful 200-watt A/C motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. With 2 speeds (10,000 RPM and 15,000 RPM), a push-button control for continuous or pulse actions, and an ergonomic handle, this blender maintains efficient pulses with less vibration and noise. Get fast and efficient mixing with this 15.5-inch blender made with PA6 safety rated nylon and chromed brass. The blender is heat resistant with a high torque so it can be submerged to seam below speed controls (immersion depth is 10.6″).

A true workhorse for the kitchen.

With this amazing tool on hand you’ll have everything from your favorite tomato soup, hollandaise sauce, and even smoothies on the table lickity split.

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