Bodum Cork Tray


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Cork. Not just for wine bottles anymore.

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Voted one of our Testers’ favorite outdoor entertaining products, this sleek cork tray by the trusted team at Bodum was designed to embody the elegant Scandinavian ideals of beauty and nature in an essential, functional piece for the home. This tray is moderately sized for portability and is just perfect for serving your guests’ favorite drinks or small plates in style.

Did someone say favorite drinks and small plates?

Some of ours certainly include this decadent Blood Orange GranitaPort-Paprika Chicken BitesPopcorn Cauliflower Bites, and a refreshing Aperol Spritz.

Two small glass dishes of blood orange granita, one with a spoon in it and the other with a spoon resting beside it.

Port-Paprika Chicken Bites

A blue skillet with paper towel and a pile of breaded, deep-fried cauliflower. A bowl of dip in the background.

2 hands, each holding a wine glass 3 quarters full of a bubbly orange cocktail with ice and an orange slice.

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