Carbon Steel Skillet


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A skillfully made skillet.

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A genuine “farmhouse” skillet, inspired by American blacksmith design of the 18th and 19th century, the Smithey 12” carbon steel skillet is as much work of art as it is a cooking tool. Smithey hand-forges a limited number of these skillets in partnership with renowned Charleston blacksmith Robert Thomas Iron Design.  Each piece is visually unique while sharing core design features such as a handle inspired by traditional fire tools and the signature Smithey 3-holed helper handle. With performance that rivals cast iron at a lighter weight, these skillets are designed to elevate your everyday cooking experience.

Show off your kitchen skills.

Use this skillfully made skillet for any number of dishes; lasagna, enchiladas, cinnamon rolls, even brownies.  Your path to recipe success is yours to forge.

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