Carian’s Bistro Belgian Chocolate Gift Box


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Be calm and eat chocolate.

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Sometimes you gotta stick with the classics. And a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day is just that. This gourmet collection of premium Belgian chocolates includes dark, milk and white chocolates with assorted fillings like almond, hazelnut, raspberry, and coffee. Such a simple way to say ‘I love you a choco-lot.’

No matter the occasion, a box of gourmet chocolates is always a welcomed gift.

And if these luxurious Belgian chocolates leave you yearning for more, try a cup of piping hot Mexican Hot Chocolate or maybe a warm drizzle of homemade Hot Chocolate Sauce on top of your Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

A plastic container filled with vanilla bean ice cream with a metal ice cream scoop resting in it.

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