Colavita Superfine Carnaroli Rice


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Be prepared to cause quite the stir in the kitchen.

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Perfect for timbale, risotto, and arancini, Colavita Carnaroli Rice is a medium grain rice with a distinctively creamy texture. The exceptional compactness of its grains with a tiny central white core (known as “perla”) combined with the excellent balance between liquid binding and low starch release, makes this “the king of Italian rice.”

A long time ago in the quaint hilltop village of Sant’ Elia a Pianisi, located in the Molise region of Italy, two small family businesses were born. One family operated a stone mill for crushing homegrown olives used to produce fine extra virgin olive oil. The other family gathered the durum wheat harvest and milled the wheat into semolina grain to produce fresh pasta for the local market. Over time, both families became experts at their trade, passing their knowledge to the next generation, who in turn did the same. They were both Colavita families. Colavita Olive Oil and Colavita Pasta companies are now part of the same group and managed by the Colavita family. Colavita has been distributing its products around the world since 1979 and its reputation has become a benchmark for Italian quality products worldwide.

You can’t go wrong with a big pot of perfectly cooked risotto.

Whether you are new to the risotto game or a bona fide expert, we’ve got the recipe for you. You can’t go wrong with this saffron-hued Risotto Alla Milanese, but if you want to try your hand at a hearty, meat-filled version, this Portuguese Duck Risotto is all yours. One of our favorites you ask? This crave worthy Citrus Risotto with Garlic-Chile Prawns.

Skillet on the stove filled with risotto alla Milanese, a pile of cheese, and a wooden spoon

A wide ceramic bowl filled with Portuguese duck risotto, topped with orange zest and parsley.



Citrus Risotto with Garlic-Chile Prawns

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