Corkcicle Champagne Flute


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No champagne, no gain.

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Searching for the perfect cocktail hour companion? Well search no more. The Corkcicle Champagne Flute is as pretty as is is productive.  Crafted from high quality 18/8 stainless steel, your favorite bubbly (or any chilled beverage of choice for that matter) will stay cool from the first sip to the last. Its triple-insulated construction keeps your drink cold for 9 hours. So whether you’re sipping your favorite chilled pinot grigio with friends or even a flirty cocktail at a party, the Corkcicle technology helps maintain your drinks’ perfect temperature.

Did someone say cocktail party?

You’ll need an array of tasty bites to go with that perfectly chilled concoction, and we’ve got you covered on both fronts. As for the small bites, how about some crispy Homemade Potato Ruffles, flavorful Cheese-Stuffed Dates with Prosciutto, or festive Coconut Shrimp? These would all pair beautifully with a sip of an Italian Aperol Spritz or flute of gingery Maybelle Punch.

2 hands, each holding a wine glass 3 quarters full of a bubbly orange cocktail with ice and an orange slice.

A glass punch bowl partially filled with maybelle punch and orange peel garnish, and two coupe glasses alongside, one filled and one empty.

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