Digital Meat Thermometer


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Probe your inner temperature.

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Sensitive touchscreen design makes the digital meat thermometer easier to operate. It has a backlit LCD displays which make it convenient to use at night and helps you get a quick reading at a glance from any angle. With two strong magnets and a stand on the back, this thermometer can be attached to the fridge, oven, and smoker or be put on the table with a stand. It comes pre-programmed for 8 types of meat and various degrees of doneness. With this instant-read thermometer, you may cook like a professional chef – set the meat type, the level of cooking required, and then wait for the alarm to say dinner is ready.

David Says

So, everything is running like clockwork. You’ve read every chart on the Internet about exactly how long to roast your beautifully basted turkey. You’ve juggled things so your side dishes are done at the same time the bird comes out of the oven. And you’ve carried it aloft to the table…only to discover it’s undercooked, and everyone has to wait an extra hour for dinner, munching on the dwindling hors d’oeuvre platter. (Confession: Yup, it happened to me.) A meat thermometer features a long metal probe that you insert into the turkey (or chicken or pork roast or ham) at the start of cooking and a long cord leading to a readout, so you can monitor your creation every step of the way. It makes sure your bird is perfectly cooked and safe to serve. Which short circuits any heaving sighs and rolling of the eyes from your mother-in-law. – Beth Price, Director of e-Commerce

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